WEBINAR – Re/defining essential work through migration during the COVID-19 Pandemic

University of Liverpool & Gino Germani Research Institute & University of Buenos Aires, -, -, Argentinien.


23 April, Friday, 2pm CET/9am Argentina, online

please register to via eventbrite to receive a zoom link : https://www.eventbrite.fi/e/150797301789

This webinar is aimed to explore the intersection of three debates that converged ever closer during the COVID-19 pandemic . Firstly, we draw on empirically-grounded studies of the change of productive and reproductive work under advanced capitalism with an emphasis on the informal and gig economy. We connect these to recent research on the link between migration and social class, which has challenged discussions of cultural capital as merely transported across borders, urging scholars to explore how it is differentially activated by individual migrants. We intersect these two debates with the emerging discussions on the broken link between valorisation and remuneration of ‘essential work’ under the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult relation between ‘risk’ and ‘skill’, ‘worth’ and ‘reward’ especially for precarious and migrant workers. The webinar aims to contribute to the ongoing debates on the rise and fall of the progressive cycle of Latin America, and to lay the foundation for a larger process rethinking the link between migration, labour, social mobility in large processes of social transformation.

The event will take place online, please register so a zoom link is sent to you.

It will be in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation.

Speakers and topics:

* Gabriella Alberti – University of Leeds, Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC) _Migrant ‘essential’ work: a view from the United Kingdom _

* Neda Deneva – Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Babeș-Bolyai University _Essential workers or dangerous bodies: Eastern European labour migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic._

* Jan Grill – Department of Social Sciences, Universidad del Valle _Precarious lives and works re-configured: Covid-19 pandemic and Venezuelan migrants in the city of Cali, Colombia _

* Manuel Ruiz Durán – Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes, & Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina – _Hypervulnerability of migrants and refugees during the COVID-19 pandemia: some reflections from Argentina _

* Julieta Haidar – University of Buenos Aires & Trade Union Training School of the Workers’ Innovation Center (CITRA) _Labour platforms in COVID times in the Global South. An opportunity for social advancement?_

* Jésica Lorena Pla CONICET/IIGG/University of Buenos Aires & Mariya Ivancheva – University of Liverpool, CHES – _Re/Defining ‘Essential Work’: COVID-19 Pandemic and High-Skilled Venezuelan Migrants in Argentina’s Gig Economy_

Time: 23 April 2021, 12pm UK/9am Argentina

Conveners: Dr Mariya Ivancheva, Dr Jésica Lorena Pla

The webinar is part of the research project “Re/defining Essential Work: the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on Venezuelan migrants in Argentina” supported by SSRC Covid-19 Rapid Response, Grant and Wenner Gren’s Global Initiatives Grant, and also with the support of the University of Liverpool, and Gino Germani Research Institute, University of Buenos Aires.