WORKSHOP – Moments of Meeting: a critical medical anthropology workshop

University of Oxford, -, -, England.


Moments of Meeting: a critical medical anthropology workshop

58a Banbury Road, Pauling centre, OX2 6OS

13 September 2019

All welcome

Panel One: East Asian learning and healing

9.30 – 10     Yuri Nonami (Otemae University)

Homeopathy in Japan, past, present and future


10 – 10.30   Gretchen De Soriano (Kampo practitioner and independent scholar)

A graphic narrative approach in exploring the development of fukushin in Japanese Kampo medicine


10.30 – 11   Anna Sehnalova (University of Oxford)

Moments of meeting in Tibetan ritual and medical practice:

Rejuvenation, longevity and eternal well-being


11 – 11.15   Coffee break


11.15-11.45  Taewoo Kim (Kyung Hee University College of Korean Medicine)

The transmission of tactile diagnostics:

Epistemology, language and bodies in East Asian Medicine


11,45-12.15 Neil Armstrong, together with Peter Agulnik  (University of Oxford)

   ‘I was at the right place at the right time’: the neglected role of happenstance in life


12.15-12.45 Interlude at 58a, Kristine Krause (UVA): Thinking care as moments of meeting


12.30 – 1.30 Lunch in the Hub, Kellog college, 62 Banbury Road


1.30 – 2        Interlude at 58a, Joanna Tamburino: Plant and human interfaces


Panel Two: Well-being through touch and movement

2 – 2.30        Yishan Wang (speakers are all of the University of Oxford, unless otherwise mentioned)

Walking bodies and circumambulatory knowing: watching birds in an urban park in Beijing


2.30 – 3        Efrat Goldschmid

    Patients, therapists and moments of meeting in Manual Lymph Drainage: Field notes from Israel


3 – 3.30        Tea break


3.30 – 4        Paola Esposito and Roger Nascimento: Threads entangled: a participatory exploration


4 – 4.30        Charlotte Bruckermann (University of Bergen): Birthdays in China


4.30 – 6        Drinks and more, all at 58a


6 – 8             Film on Southwest China, private screening