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Curare. Journal of Medical Anthropology

The AGEM has been pub­lish­ing the jour­nal Curare since 1978. It is bilin­gual (Ger­man & Eng­lish) and the arti­cles are peer-reviewed. Until 2007 it had the sub­ti­tle Jour­nal of Med­ical Anthro­pol­o­gy and Tran­scul­tur­al Psy­chi­a­try. Since 2008 the sub­ti­tle of Curare has been Jour­nal of Med­ical Anthro­pol­o­gy. There are cur­rent­ly 2 issues per year. We always wel­come arti­cles, reports, book reviews, and sug­ges­tions for the­mat­ic issues. You will find more details on the pro­ce­dure here.

We are pleased to announce that the dig­i­tal­iza­tion of all vol­umes of Curare, which have so far been avail­able in print only, has been fund­ed by the Ger­man Research Foun­da­tion (DFG). A cor­re­spond­ing appli­ca­tion was approved in sum­mer 2020, so that all pre­vi­ous issues will be freely acces­si­ble online via the Hum­boldt Uni­ver­si­ty of Berlin in the near future.

To ensure that all future issues will also be acces­si­ble online, we have in addi­tion sub­mit­ted a fur­ther appli­ca­tion to con­vert Curare into an Open Access Jour­nal. We will report on the progress at this place. An overview of pre­vi­ous issues can be found here.


(since 2018) on behalf of the Ass­co­ci­a­tion for Anthro­pol­o­gy and Med­i­cine – AGEM e.V.: Ehler Voss (V.i.S.d.P.)

Postal address

Post­fach 10 04 04
57004 Siegen

Editorial Board

Katrin Ame­lang (U Bremen)
Clemens Eisen­mann (U Konstanz)
Jan­i­na Kehr (U Wien)
Hel­mar Kurz (U Münster)
Mirko Uhlig (U Mainz)
Ehler Voss (U Bremen)

Honorary Board

Hans-Jochen Dies­feld
Horst H. Figge
Dieter H. Frießem
Wolf­gang G. Jilek

Scientific Advisory Board

Karl Baier (U Wien)
Josep M. Comelles (URV Tar­rag­o­na)
Alice Desclaux (U Mont­pel­li­er)
Kata­ri­na Greifeld (Frank­furt)
Anto­nio Guer­ci (U Gen­o­va)
Mihá­ly Hop­pál (Budapest)
Sushrut Jad­hav (UC Lon­don)
Michi Knecht (U Bre­men)
Ruth Kutalek (MU Wien)
Danu­ta Penkala-Gawęc­ka (U Poz­nań)
Gio­van­ni Piz­za (U Peru­gia)
William Sax (U Hei­del­berg)
Hannes Stubbe (U Köln)

Founding Editors

Beat­rix Pflei­der­er (†)
Ger­hard Rud­nitz­ki
Wulf Schiefen­höv­el
Ekke­hard Schröder (Edi­tor 2001–2017)

Publishing House

Diet­rich Reimer Ver­lag GmbH
Berlin­er Straße 53, 20713 Berlin
Tel.+49 (0) 30 301 700 138 80,


Der Bezug der Curare ist in der Mit­glied­schaft bei der Arbeits­ge­mein­schaft Eth­nolo­gie und Medi­zin (AGEM) enthal­ten. Einzelne Hefte kön­nen beim Ver­lag bezo­gen werden.

Peer Review Policy

After a pos­i­tive eval­u­a­tion by the edi­to­r­i­al board, all sub­mit­ted research man­u­scripts will be reviewed in a dou­ble-blind pro­ce­dure. Each peer-reviewed arti­cle con­tains infor­ma­tion at the end about the date of receipt and accep­tance of the manuscript.