AGEM JAHRESTAGUNG 31 – Preparing for Patients. Learning the skills and values of healing encounters (DE)

29.06.2018 – 01.07.2018 @ Ganztägig – 31st Annual Conference of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin e.V. (AGEM) in Cooperation with the Collaborative Research Center Media of Cooperation at the University of Siegen How physicians and other healers conduct their encounters with clients is an  integral element of becoming healers. Nevertheless, this knowledge is only partly provided by official channels or courses; rather, it is […]

CONFERENCE – Familie, Beziehungen, Verwandtschaft und Kooperationen in medikalisierten Alltagen

16.05.2019 – 17.05.2019 @ 12:00 am – 18. Treffen des dgv-Netzwerks „Gesundheit und Kultur in der volkskundlichen Forschung“ Programm Donnerstag, 16. bis Freitag, 17. Mai 2019 in Göttingen Donnerstag 16.05.2019 13.00 Uhr Anreise/Begrüßungskaffee 13.30 Uhr Begrüßung: Sabine Wöhlke, Univ. Göttingen & Anna Palm, Univ. Mainz/ Stolberg 13.45 Uhr Den Wald vor Bäumen…? Der Stammbaum als relationierendes Artefakt in der medizinischen Beratung, Maren […]

WORKSHOP – Bioethics and Human Temporality. Perspectives from the Beginning, Middle and End of Life

27.05.2019 – 28.05.2019 @ 12:00 am – Date: 27-28.5.2019 Venue: Schlaues Haus Oldenburg Organizers: Prof. Dr. Mark Schweda (University of Oldenburg, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Health Services Research) Dr. Nitzan Rimon-Zarfaty (University Medical Center Göttingen, Dept. of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine) The role of temporality in bioethical debates has long been neglected: What does it mean […]

WORKSHOP – Mamacura: überliefertes Gesundheitswissen von Frauen

07.06.2019 @ 12:00 am – WERKSTATT ETHNOLOGIE BERLIN E.V.GEMEINNÜTZIG Einladung zum dritten Workshop der Reihe „Partizip aktiv“ Mamacura – überliefertes Gesundheitswissen von Frauen Caroline Contentin el Masri, Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin und M.A.S.K.A. im Bereich Medizinethnologie Dr. Annette Kerckhoff, BSc Komplementärmedizin & European Master of Health Promotion in Anwesenheit von Stadtteilmüttern Auf der ganzen Welt helfen Frauen sich mit einer „Medizin […]

SYMPOSIUM – The Body and the Built Environment in the Long Nineteenth Century

25.06.2019 @ 12:00 am – The period between 1750 and 1918 is widely acknowledged to have been one of dramatic societal and cultural change, not least in terms of people’s experience of the spaces in which they lived. The unparalleled urbanisation that took place over the course of the long nineteenth century necessitated new ways of existing in increasingly built […]

CONFERENCE – Preparing for Physicians. The ambivalences of empowerment

27.06.2019 – 28.06.2019 @ Ganztägig – Joint conference of the Collaborative Research Center 1187 Media of Cooperation and the Association for Anthropology and Medicine (AGEM) Healing is a cooperative practice that involves multiple agents and requires negotiations of different needs and potentials. These negotiations are usually based on asymmetrical relations between healer and patient. Without specific expertise, skills, and knowledge of […]