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Willkom­men bei der Arbeits­ge­mein­schaft Eth­nolo­gie und Medi­zin (AGEM)
Die AGEM ist ein 1970 gegrün­de­ter gemein­nütziger Vere­in mit dem Ziel, die Zusam­me­nar­beit zwis­chen der Medi­zin, den angren­zen­den Natur­wis­senschaften und den Kultur‑, Geistes- und Sozial­wis­senschaften zu fördern und dadurch das Studi­um des inter­diszi­plinären Arbeits­felds Eth­nolo­gie und Medi­zin zu intensivieren.

Was wir tun

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Zeitschrift für Medizinethnologie

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11. Feb – 26. Okt 2024

Ethics seminars for 2024


Offered by the St. André Inter­na­tion­al Cen­ter for Ethics and Integri­ty (France)

St. André Inter­na­tion­al Cen­ter for Ethics and Integri­ty is pleased to announce the fol­low­ing Ethics sem­i­nars for 2024

Ethics of End-of-Life Care: Con­tri­bu­tions from the Arts and Human­i­ties (Feb­ru­ary 11–17, 2024, in Rome, Italy)

Ethics Edu­ca­tors Work­shop (Sep­tem­ber 16–20, 2024, in Rochefort du Gard, near Avi­gnon, France) 

Bioethics Col­lo­qui­um (Sep­tem­ber 23–26, 2024, in Rochefort du Gard, near Avi­gnon, France)

Health Care Ethics: Catholic Per­spec­tives (Octo­ber 22–26, 2024, in Rochefort du Gard, near Avi­gnon, France)

More info here

If you are inter­est­ed in par­tic­i­pat­ing or have ques­tions about the sem­i­nars, please con­tact Dr. Jos Welie MA, MMeds, JD, PhD, FACD direct­ly: info[at]

Fly­er-StAI­CEI 2024 seminars


23. Mai – 24. Mai 2024

On the move: Public Health in a globalized world


Robert Koch Col­lo­qui­um 2024 (Hybrid)

Robert Koch Col­lo­qui­um 2024: „On the move: Pub­lic Health in a glob­al­ized world”
When: 23.05.2024–24.05.2024

The Robert Koch Col­lo­qui­um is an annu­al inter­dis­ci­pli­nary lec­ture series, each year focus­ing on one spe­cif­ic inno­v­a­tive pub­lic health top­ic, such as Bur­den of Dis­ease (2019), Pub­lic Health Sur­veil­lance (2021), Cli­mate Change and Pub­lic Health (2022), and Social Inequities in Health (2023). Each year, the Robert Koch Insti­tute, Germany’s nation­al Pub­lic Health Insti­tute, invites lead­ing experts to present and dis­cuss their area of work at the Robert Koch Col­lo­qui­um. This year’s col­lo­qui­um top­ic is „On the move: Pub­lic Health in a glob­al­ized world”. Over two days, a series of lec­tures address­es spe­cif­ic aspects of glob­al mobil­i­ty of pathogens and peo­ple. A final pan­el dis­cus­sion with experts treats the impli­ca­tions of increased mobil­i­ty on Pub­lic Health.

Pro­gram RKC2024


23. Mai – 26. Mai 2024

Transition in Health


Work­shop at VANDA (Vien­na Anthro­pol­o­gy Days)

Work­shop „Tran­si­tion in Health”
VANDA (Vien­na Anthro­pol­o­gy Days) Con­fer­enceni in Vienna
Sep­tem­ber 23–26, 2024
Orga­nized by Eva-Maria Knoll & Mal­go­rza­ta Rajtar
Dead­line: 01.06.2024

Anthro­pol­o­gy has long been pre­oc­cu­pied with tran­si­tion. Tran­si­tions, famous­ly cap­tured by Van Gennep’s “rites of pas­sage” or Turner’s con­cept of “lim­i­nal­i­ty”, punc­tu­ate human life, which is embed­ded in cul­ture and soci­ety. Tran­si­tion may also serve as a lens to ana­lyze change and adap­ta­tion in soci­ety (e.g. Hasan 2023) and was exten­sive­ly used in the con­text of post­so­cial­ism (e.g. Buyan­del­geriyn 2008). Build­ing on this long-stand­ing tra­di­tion of anthro­po­log­i­cal engage­ment with the con­cept of tran­si­tion, this work­shop invites social sci­ence, in par­tic­u­lar ethno­graph­ic con­tri­bu­tions focus­ing on spa­tial, struc­tur­al, and tem­po­ral aspects of tran­si­tions in the med­ical field. In med­i­cine, tran­si­tion is e.g. under­stood as a “mul­ti-dimen­sion­al process, involv­ing patients, care­givers, providers, and the med­ical sys­tem as a whole” (Cheng et al. 2021). Due to the devel­op­ment of med­ical tech­nolo­gies and treat­ment modal­i­ties, an increas­ing num­ber of peo­ple with chron­ic and/or rare dis­eases reach adult­hood and expe­ri­ence a tran­si­tion from pedi­atric to adult care (Jae 2018). In some instances, this is unchart­ed ter­ri­to­ry for both patients and care providers. Tran­si­tions, as pas­sages of change, may also be expe­ri­enced on a mun­dane lev­el by patients who change their dietary and/or drug reg­i­mens or by health per­son­nel who climb the med­ical career lad­der. We encour­age ethno­graph­i­cal­ly ground­ed analy­ses that address both large-scale tran­si­tions and mun­dane moments of tran­si­tion in health and health­care. We are also inter­est­ed in papers exam­in­ing failed tran­si­tions or tran­si­tions that had to be abandoned. 



AGEM-Jahrestagung 36
(A)symmetrische Beziehungen
Facetten der Kooperation im psychiatrischen Krankenhausalltag
15.–16. November 2024 im Alexius/Josef-Krankenhaus Neuss

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