PODIUMSDISKUSSION – Heilungskooperationen: Was geschieht, wenn Ärzt*innen und Patient*innen aufeinandertreffen?

28.06.2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Ausgangspunkt dieser Podiumsdiskussion ist die Beobachtung, dass es bei dem Aufeinandertreffen von Ärzt*innen und Patient*innen immer wieder zu einem gegenseitigen Befremden kommt. Standardisierungsverfahren wie die Leitmedizin und die Evidenzbasierte Medizin, welche für Transparenz, Effizienz, Rechtssicherheit und Qualitätssicherung sorgen sollen, führen dazu, individuelles Erfahrungswissen sowohl von Ärzt*innen als auch von Patient*innen zu vernachlässigen. Besonders in Fällen, […]

CONFERENCE – Caring for Elderly and Dependent People: Promoting Gender Equality and Social Justice

12.09.2019 – 13.09.2019 @ Ganztägig – Social care for dependent people and the elderly is one of the major challenges currently facing our societies. According to demographic estimations, European countries will experience an increase in their elderly population in the near decades. On one hand, the increased longevity represents an historical triumph; however, on the other it brings with it the […]

CONFERENCE – Living Politics. Remembering HIV/AIDS Activism Tomorrow

12.09.2019 – 13.09.2019 @ 12:00 am – How are politics and life narratives in the fields of HIV/AIDS activism in Europe entangled? The conference discusses the meaning, methods and importance of preserving histories of HIV/AIDS, and how these and other ongoing practices relate to current engagements with the epidemic. It brings together social science researchers, policy makers and representatives of NGOs and […]

WORKSHOP – Moments of Meeting: a critical medical anthropology workshop

13.09.2019 @ Ganztägig – Moments of Meeting: a critical medical anthropology workshop 58a Banbury Road, Pauling centre, OX2 6OS 13 September 2019 All welcome Panel One: East Asian learning and healing 9.30 – 10     Yuri Nonami (Otemae University) Homeopathy in Japan, past, present and future   10 – 10.30   Gretchen De Soriano (Kampo practitioner and independent scholar) A graphic […]

WORKSHOP – Arts of Caring, Arts of Knowing. A workshop on Dementia and Knowledge Practices

19.09.2019 – 20.09.2019 @ Ganztägig – Keynotes: Prof. Janelle Taylor, Department of Anthropology, University of Washington Prof. Annette Leibing, Faculty of Nursing, University of Montreal Dementia is often portrayed as the emblematic figure of morbid living in one’s later years, entailing “substantial human costs to countries, societies, families and individuals” (WHO, 2017). Despite many ongoing efforts to prevent, manage, and cure […]

SYMPOSIUM – In(tangible) technology and data in medical humanities and social sciences

17.10.2019 – 18.10.2019 @ 12:00 am – The symposium will be held in Helsinki, Finland, October 17-18, 2019. It aims at facilitating an interdisciplinary discussion and cooperation between scholars in the humanities and social sciences (anthropology, sociology, science and technology studies, philosophy, law, psychology, gender studies among others) who examine assemblages of tangible and intangible materialities and health-related issues. We particularly welcome […]

SYMPOSIUM – Testing Women, Testing the Fetus 20th Anniversary Symposium

07.11.2019 – 08.11.2019 @ 12:00 am – Keynote: Professor Rayna Rapp Host: Dr Lucy Lowe (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Khiara M. Bridges (UC Berkeley) 7th – 8th November 2019 Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology University of Edinburgh This year marks twenty years since the publication of Professor Rayna Rapp’s seminal monograph Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: The Social Impact of Amniocentesis […]

STUDY DAY – Medical Anthropology & Disability Ethnographic perspectives

08.11.2019 @ 12:00 am – The Medical Anthropology & Disability group (MA&D) invites proposals for 20-minute papers as part of a study day on medical anthropology and disability to be held on November 8, 2019, at the University of Perugia (Italy), Department of Philosophy, Social, Human and Formation Sciences (FISSUF). Papers may be delivered in Italian or in English. We […]

PANEL – What do they value? Anthropological perspectives on health-related professions

02.12.2019 – 05.12.2019 @ 12:00 am – Papers are invited for a panel at the Australian Anthropological Society’s annual conference, related to ethnographic perspectives of the health-related professions. The panel seeks to explore how/why medical and healthcare professionals give the advice that they give; and how/why do they make the decisions that they make about diagnoses and treatment possibilities, especially when medical […]